sima handicapped centre

Our Story

At SIMA Handicapped Centre, our journey began with a simple yet powerful belief: everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their abilities. Inspired by this vision, we’ve created a nurturing space where disabled children can grow, learn, and embrace their potential.

Our daycare center, depicted in our warm and welcoming image, is the heart of our organization. Here, children with diverse abilities engage in tailored activities, from sensory play to art therapy, all designed to foster their development in a safe and loving environment.

Recognizing the importance of independence, our job development program, as visualized in our second image, equips these young minds with essential life skills. From cooking to technology, we empower our children to explore their interests and prepare for a bright future.

As our students blossom, we connect them with meaningful job opportunities, ensuring a seamless transition from learning to real-world application. This commitment is reflected in our image showcasing diverse workplaces, highlighting the success of our graduates in various professional settings.

Sustainability and community involvement are at the core of our ethos. Our recycling services, illustrated in our eco-friendly facility images, not only protect the environment but also engage the community in responsible practices. Through these initiatives, we aim to create a greener, more inclusive world.

Our Mission

Our mission at SIMA Handicapped Centre is to provide comprehensive support to disabled children, nurturing their abilities, and paving the way for independent and fulfilling futures. We believe in inclusivity, empowerment, and environmental responsibility. Every child, regardless of their challenges, has the right to education, skill development, and job opportunities.

We are committed to reducing barriers and creating inclusive environments, both in our center and in the wider community. Our recycling initiatives reflect our dedication to sustainability, teaching our children and community members the value of environmental stewardship.

Join us in our mission to uplift, support, and integrate these bright young minds into our society. Together, we can make a difference, one child at a time.