Our Services

SIMA Handicapped Centre offers various services to those in need and our community


We offer daycare to relieve stress on parents that are working.

Job Development

We offer job development training to our special children. We hope to help increase their independence skill

Job Opportunity

After our children successfully conquered their training, we will then locate job opportunities for them.


Recycling is one of the most important service that we have. Some children have joined this service and it helps to save climate changes.

Interested in our services?

Feel free to contact us to know more on our services. 

No matter the services that you need, feel free to get in touch with us to learn more!


You can donate to us either through Bank Transfer or contact us before donating daily necessities here 

We offer various services being from Daycare, Job Development, Job Opportunities, Welfare, and Recycling

Yes we do! Every year we will be organising Charity Food Fairs and Charity Lunch to help raise funds for our organisation.

SIMA Handicapped Centre is known to be a Non-Profit Organisation with goals to help the disabled children.

Definitely! You can always contact us at:

016-4050432 (William) or click HERE to WhatsApp us for appointment.

Welcome to contact us at:

016-4050432 (William) or you can WhatsApp us HERE

Yes of course! You can contact us for more details and information:

016-4050432 (William) or WhatsApp us HERE

You can donate to us via Bank Transfer or Cheques:

SIMA Handicapped Centre Berhad

RHB Bank Berhad


You can WhatsApp us for issuing a receipt at:

016-4050432 (William) or click HERE