A Development Centre for the Disabled

SIMA Handicapped Centre in Penang, a development centre for the disabled, has embarked on a programmed to integrate the disabled into society. 

Our MISSION is to take positive steps to empower the disabled through practical teachings where the disabled will be equipped with:  

  • basic living and social skills.
  • job skills in line with their capabilities to cope with the need of the current market job markets.

In presenting challenges to the disabled for a breakthrough in their lives, both the disabled and their families will be rewarded with independent and fulfilling lives.  The cycle has continue that in their breakthrough, they can bless society, not only in encouraging the able and the disabled but also as contributors to society.

When you read this, let it be your challenge to believe that all things are possible with the first step forward, desiring to come alongside as a partner with SIMA in ensuring that the disabled is in society as nation builders, and not just a part of the society.

Serving to build...



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