Chinese New Year Buffet & Dinner


Caring Angels invited SIMA to their Chinese New Year Dinner on 16th February 2008. Our famous singer - Mr Raymond Teoh gave an item and the disabled danced the night away with their dancing shoes.
Caring Angels 邀請馨陽於 16.2.2008 參加新年晚餐。張光輝也於當晚高歌一曲。殘障朋友也高興得翩翩起舞。


Nasi Lemak lunch @ Lee Huat Coffee Shop sponsored by Madam Koay and friends on 18th February 2008. The disabled were happy with ang-pows and goodie bags.

女士於18.2.2008Lee Huat咖啡室號召一班友好設午餐招待殘障成員。


Dell Penang invited SIMA for Chinese New Year Celebration on 21st February 2008. The disabled really enjoyed themselves with all the games and goodie bags they had in store. We would also like to thank Dell for presenting SIMA with five wheelchairs.
Dell Penang 於 21.2.2008 邀請馨陽參加新春聯歡午餐,在Dell成員的愛心關懷中,讓中心殘障成員渡過一個溫馨的下午,Dell也同時捐贈了5輛輪椅給中心。


SIMA enjoyed Chap Goh Meh Charity Reunion Dinner sponsored by Sin Wah Tong at Sunshine Square on 21st February 2008. It was a fun night with entertainment of songs, dance and

lucky draw.



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